Лазерен принтер Brother HL-5440D

    439.00 лв.
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    Кат. № HL5440DYJ1
    Медия, g/m2 Standard/Optional Tray: 60-105 g/m2; Multi Purpose Tray: P60 - 163 g/m2
    Интерфейс USB 2.0 IEEE 1284-compliant parallel
    Памет, MB 64 MB
    Медия, размер Standard/Optional Tray: A4 Letter B5(ISO/JIS) A5 A5(Long Edge) B6(ISO) A6 Executive Legal Folio (A4 only supported in automatic duplex print mode); Multi Purpose Tray: Width: 76.2mm to 215.9mm (3"" to 8.5"") x Length: 127mm to 355.6mm (5"" to 14"
    Гаранция 2 години
    Натоварване, стр./месец max: 50000 стр/месец; Препоръчително: 500 до 3500 стр/месец
    Капацитет за хартия - Входяща тава Standard Tray: 250 sheets; Multi Purpose Tray: 50 sheets; Optional Lower Tray: 1 x 500 sheets
    Резолюция черно Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi; FPOT: Less than 8.5 Seconds
    Скорост черно Up to 38 ppm (A4);
    Съвместими операционни системи Windows 7 / Vista / XP Professional / XP Home Edition / Server 2003/2008; Mac OS X 10.5.8 10.6.x 10.7.x or greater; Linux
    Двустранен печат Автоматичен
    Медия, тип Multi Purpose Tray: Plain paper thick paper bond paper recycled paper envelopes labels transparencies (up to 10 sheets); Standard Paper Tray: Plain paper bond paper recycled paper transparencies (up to 10 sheets)
    Консумативи DR-3330 Drum unit - approx 30 000 A4 pages @ 1 page per job; TN-3330 Standard yield toner cartridge- approx 3000 pages; TN-3380 High yield toner cartridge - approx 8000 pages
    Цвят Черен
    Тегло 0.00 гр

    Подробна информация

    Технология на печат
    Максимална резолюция*
    Maximum printing resolution.
    2400 x 600
    Двустранен печат*
    Feature of computer printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) that allows the automatic printing of a sheet of paper on both sides.
    Брой картриджи за печат*
    The amount of print cartridges. A print cartridge is a container holding a quantity of ink which is inserted into a inkjet printer mechanism.
    Технология на печат*
    Indicates the method used to print by this product.
    Икономичен печат
    Whether or not the product is equipped with features that allow economical printing.
    Recommended duty cycle
    500 - 3500
    Скорост на печат
    Скорост на печат (черно, нормално качество, А4/US Letter)*
    The print speed of a printer for black & white A4 pages, normal quality. The exact speed varies depending on the system configuration, software program, and document complexity.
    Време за първа страница (моно)
    Време за подгряване
    Time needed before printing after power switched on.
    Скорост на двустранен печат (черно, нормално качество, А4/US Letter)
    Входящ капацитет на хартия
    Стандартна входяща вместимост*
    The number of sheets of paper that can be held by a device.
    Максимална входяща вместимост
    Вместимост на многофункционалната касета
    Брой входове за хартия
    Изходящ капацитет на хартия
    Стандартна изходяща вместимост*
    The normal capacity for outputs for this product.
    Поддържани типове медия
    Maximum ISO A-series paper size*
    Standard tray media types*
    The types of media which are used in the printer/photocopier trays e.g. glossy paper, photo paper, envelopes.
    Plain paper,Recycled paper
    Multi-purpose tray media types
    Bond paper,Envelopes,Heavyweight paper,Labels,Plain paper,Recycled paper
    ISO A-серии размери (A0…A9)*
    Different sizes of paper from A0 (big) to A9 (small). A4 is the most common size used for printing documents.
    A4, A5, A6
    ISO B-серии размери (B0…B9)
    B5, B6
    Non-ISO print media sizes
    Standard tray media weight
    60 - 105
    Поддържано тегло на медията на многофункционалната касета
    60 - 163
    Потребителски медиите ширина
    76,2 - 215,9
    Избор на медиите дължина
    127 - 355,6
    Поддържани типове медия
    Максимален размер за печат
    The maximum size that an image can be printed with a good resolution.
    Legal (216 x 356 mm)
    Мрежови възможности
    Ethernet LAN връзка *
    An Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) interface is present, for a wired conection via a cable.
    Wi-Fi *
    Popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves.
    Работа в мрежа *
    Indicates whether the product is network-ready out of the box.
    Standard interfaces *
    Most common industry-standard communication protocols ranging from RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485, and LVDS to USB.
    Parallel, USB 2.0
    Брой USB 2.0 порта
    Number of USB 2.0 ports (connecting interfaces) in the device. USB 2.0 was released in April 2000 (now called "Hi-Speed"), adding higher maximum signaling rate of 480 Mbit/s (effective throughput up to 35 MB/s or 280 Mbit/s), USB 2.0 ports are usually black.
    Оперативна памет *
    The amount of memory, usually measured in bytes (e.g. MB, GB), which is installed in the system's hardware.
    Максимален капацитет на вътрешната памет *
    The maximum amount of memory inside a product, usually measured in bytes e.g megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).
    Индикация за покой
    Индикация за работа
    Енергийна консумация и управление
    Входно напрежение
    The voltage (V) which is required to power the product.
    Входна честота
    The frequency (Hz) which is required to power the product.
    Консумирана мощност *
    Amount of power consumed by this model, often expressed in watts (W). Typical values that manufacturers give are power consumption when off, standby/suspended mode, typical use, maximum usage.
    Консумирана мощност (покой)
    The amount of electricity that is consumed when the product is on standby.
    Консумирана мощност (икономичен режим)
    Консумирана мощност (изключен)
    Нива на шум
    Ниво на шума при печат
    Noise level (quiet mode)
    Допустими звукови емисии при покой
    Energy Star сертификат
    This indicates that the product is compliant with Energy Star, which is an international standard for energy-efficient consumer products.
    Семейство на процесора
    A family of processors is a group of processors produced by one company over a short period of time e.g. Intel Pentium processors.
    Star Sapphire
    Processor frequency
    The clock rate is the fundamental rate in cycles per second (measured in hertz) at which a computer performs its most basic operations such as adding two numbers. There are more factors, like internal memory size, that influence a computer's actual response time.
    Тегло и размери
    Тегло *
    Weight of the product without packaging (net weight). If possible, the net weight is given including standard accessories and supplies. Please note that sometimes the manufacturer leaves out the weight of accessories and/or supplies.
    Размери (ШхДхВ)
    Dimensions of the product (Width x Depth x Height).
    371 x 384 x 245
    Тегло на опаковката
    Weight of the packaged product.
    Размери на опаковката (ШхДхВ)
    Dimensions of the packaged product (Width x Depth x Height).
    499 x 478 x 377
    Съдържание на опаковката
    Drivers included

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